Overwhelmed With Gratitude

I don’t even know where to begin this post because I’m so over overwhelmed by everything I am feeling and learning right now. The last couple of days I have been so deep connected with myself in a way I never been before. After years of working inwards and searching for answers inside of myself it’s like I finally found the answer. After hours and hours of coaching myself and asking myself big powerful questions about everything from why I am here on this earth to what I have done to create the life I am living today I saw the connection.

Everything I have been through, every decision I made, everything and then I really mean everything that have happened in the past was perfect and it couldn’t have turned out another way. Today I feel pure gratitude for all the sorrow, for every bad decision I made, for all of the years with eating disorders, for all the relationships that never worked out, for EVERYTHING. Everything just falls into place right now and all I needed was to get really clear about this question. Why am I here on this earth, what’s my purpose? I am here to remind people about love, to love and accept everything and everyone, to spread the voice of love and just be love. In some ways I already knew this but the thing that really changed everything about my mindset about it was that I stoped regretting what has been and today I just take actions with pure love to what will come. I create everything in my life and I choose I will show up everyday. Without the experiences, without all the ups and downs, without all the sorrow I wouldn’t be able to help all the people I do today and all the people I will help in the future, I wouldn’t be the person who I am today and see the light as I do today.

The last couple of days has been really overwhelming but also the most important days of my life and the gratitude I feel inside is insane. Another thing that I am really grateful for is all the people that is surrounding me today, I have the most beautiful souls in my life and I am so happy to have people around me to share all of this with and be able to spread all of this wisdom and love to. One of those people is this girl on the picture, it’s my best friend Fanny and she is one of the purest, loving, most supporting human I know. Our love is endless and our talks is like meditation for me. About that, I really found my way to meditate and that’s walking. When I walk around in nature I am so deep connected to my inner loving voice and I always get so clear about things that is bothering me, fears or if I have a decision to make I always find the answer when I walk around in nature. I think all of us can find the type of meditation that works for us.

Before I go to sleep I just want to send a BIG THANK YOU to the universe for this human above. I have a really hard time expressing my love for her in words, I promise you I have tried but it never feels like it’s enough comparing to how I feel about her. She is my most vibrant cheerleader, my sister of soul, best friend, coach and whatever happens she never judges me and that really allows me to be myself in every moment and that is for me one of the most important things in all relationships. Just being me is enough and a lot more then enough. Once again, thank you universe for sending this angel into my life.

Love, Tina