”Is This Serving My Highest Self?”

I want to lift the subject about taking full responsibility for our own lives and for the choices we are making. I think the main reason why the world looks the way it does today is because people are trying to be someone else, live someone else’s life, look like someone else, please others and follow the rules that the society made us think is true. I think this is why a lot of people are so unhappy and is using all sort of drugs to make it feel easier. People are so afraid of being who they really are and the thing is that being who you really are the only way to living the life you are dreaming about and achieving all the goals that you set up for yourself. But to become who we really are we have to be willing to risk everything and move away from all of the things that we do when we ”play small” and ask ourselves ”Is this serving my highest self?” in every moment. We have to question EVERYTHING and if the answer to the question is YES and the choice makes you expand then go for it! But if the answer is NO then it is always, no matter what a simple NO. I do not believe we can apply the 80/20 rule if we want to live the life we are dreaming about, we have to do it a 100 %.

We have to stop blaming others for why we are not achieving the things we want to and hold our selves accountable for everything. It is ALWAYS up to us how we show up and what we are doing with this life that we are given. I have played small for to long and tried to blame everything and everyone for everything that happens in my life but I will not do that anymore. I am willing to risk EVERYTHING and realize that I am the creator of my life.

Everything you need and all of your answers you already have inside of you, stop searching for it in the outer world because I can promise you, you will never find it there.

Love, Tina