Do You Listen To Your Intution?

I want to talk about listening to our intuition and how important it is to get clear about what we really want in life. Our intuition or if you want to call it our gut feeling is always telling us what’s right and what’s not in every moment and every decision we make.

I want to encourage you to take a minute and really check in with yourself how it feels inside before you make a decision about something next time. This is the key to come back to follow our inner voice and connect to our own truth and it is as important to do neither it is a big or a small decision we are facing.

If we don’t check in with ourselves it is easy to make decisions that will give us anxiety and feelings of guilt and that is something we really can learn how to live without by always choosing what really feels good inside and make the choice that will make you happy in the long run. If you for example really want to improve your health and maybe cut down on sugar you should ask yourself if it is really worth the short illusion of satisfaction you will get by eating those cookies or the bag of candy when you know it will make you feel bad about yourself afterwards and instead think about how you would feel about yourself if you choose another alternative instead.

I know how I feel when I go to bed at night when I made my decisions during the day with love and respect for myself, my body and my goals and it feels amazing. No anxiety or guilt and I feel proud over myself! That is one of the things I work really hard on right now, to live a guilt-free life and only make my decisions out of love for myself.

I hope this can help you to check in with yourselves and see in which areas of your life you need to choose differently to live your truth and live a life without anxiety and guilt.

Love, Tina