Be The Change

”Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

I somehow always knew I wanted to be a part of changing this world into a more peaceful place, reminding people that the only way to get fulfilled is to realize you already are and that love is the answer to everything. But fear has driven me crazy for years and it took me a very long time to really understand that I am fulfilled, that I don’t have to impress anyone or have anything to be enough.

I get it, it’s hard in this material and prestigious world to know what we are doing to impress and what we do because it really makes our heart sing. I have taken a lot of time lately to really go deep inside of myself and see what I am really doing out of love and what I do out of fear. This was pretty scary for me at first because I realized that a lot of the things I thought was making me happy in my life didn’t, I just liked the feeling of telling people about it and I thought it made me more worthy.

What came up for me was that the only way for me to make a difference in this world is to listen to my heart. If I don’t think that the world is a very loving place right now I can’t follow the rules that society made us think was true. This include looking in a certain way, having a impressing job, having the right clothes, how I eat, drinking alcohol etc. When I realized that it didn’t matter what anyone thought I stoped asking about their opinions because it just made confused, it made it harder for me to feel if I was choosing the loving choice for me. I thought for myself;

What is really important for me? What will my last words be before I leave this planet? What impact will I have on this earth? 

The answer is I want to make a loving impact with everything I do and everyone I meet , help people to love themselves, inspire people, laugh, be happy, cry, feel, enjoy this life that I was given, do love, be love, receive love and I want to live my purpose. I want my last words to be; I loved, everyday. 

The truth is that the only person who is really judging me is myself. I am the only person who has to be happy in this body and with the life I choose to live and create. When I realized this everything that felt scary before disappeared and a crazy feeling of love just filled me from within. It’s really not hard if you just focus on what’s going to bring you happiness. Just let go of to trying to impress others and stop trying to make them accept and love you. Accept that the people that really are meant to be in your life will accept and love you whatever you do if you do it with love.

What parts in your life have you created because you wanted to impress? Is your job really making you happy or do you just like the feeling you get when you tell people about your title? Your relationships? What ever it is, take some time and get really honest with yourself and look at the life you are choosing to live. Is your answer that you are living and creating your life with love and that everything you do is because you love it? Or are you having parts in your life that you need to change to live your own truth?

Love, Tina