Helena Önneby: My healing journey

By Raw Clarity Guest Blogger: Helena Önneby

My Healing Journey

I grew up, like so many in the Western world, believing that my health was determined by my genes and that conventional medicine was responsible for making me well whenever I got sick. Therefore it’s no big surprise that I found it hard being hopeful when I, after 6 different autoimmune diagnosis, was under investigation for more. It felt like my doctors where starting to give up on me and I was convinced that my genes were real crappy.

But still, in the mix of depression and desperation, there was a still small voice inside of saying; “Don’t give up!”, “There is another way, go on!”, “Follow me!”.

I chose to follow that still small voice and it probably saved my life. I have no symptoms from any of my diagnosis today and my overall life quality is so much better than it has ever been. Of course, this journey has involved some major lifestyle changes, but looking back at my path so far I realize that my physical body is only one part of the equation. These are the five pillars that are the foundation to my healing journey.

  1. Cultivating the most important relationship. When I first started feeling better after some major lifestyle changes I realized that I needed to work on my relationship with myself. My self-worth, self-love and self-compassion where all areas that I hadn’t prioritized. I know believe that I am worth feeling my very best, that I need to be a really good friend to myself, especially when life gets rough.
  2. Shifting focus. I got my first diagnosis at 13 years old and learned early on to track symptoms, focusing on what wasn’t working. I had to prime my mind to focus on what was actually right in every given moment. Two legs that carry me around, lungs that breath for me, a heart pumping. I believe gratitude is the gateway drug to real happiness and today it’s a big part of my daily practice. And the neat thing is that what we focus on grows, so the more I focus on what’s working the more I get to be grateful for.
  3. Listening to the inner guidance. I’m not sure why I could hear that still small voice inside when I needed it the most. Maybe because I was on the verge of giving up and for a moment just surrendered and let go of all of my resistance. But I soon realized that this was the real treasure that had been hidden within me all this time. I now prioritize listening in every day and I notice that the best decisions for my life always come from that place. Daily meditation, time in nature and movement are ways for me to connect to that place.
  4. Dealing with emotions. I used to be afraid of my emotions, thinking that if I let them express, let them have space, they might actually kill me. I needed to learn to listen, to deal and let them move through me. I realized that it was the resistance that hurt most, not the emotions in themselves. When I let them move through me, tell me what I need to know, they pass through without hurting me.
  5. Taking care of my body. I only have this one body that I’ve been given to experience what I want to experience in this lifetime. I literally don’t have anywhere else to live. What started out as must’s and should’s around my physical health has transformed into passion and love for taking care of it in the best way I can and actually listening to its needs. As long as I do that my body will serve me back by allowing me to make whatever I want out of my life.

No matter where you are today and what you’re going through, there is a path to deeper healing. It starts with love, with gratitude for what’s working for you and by listening to that still small voice that’s inside of you. You will meet all kinds of different emotions on your path but as long as you remember no feeling can kill you, you can meet them all with curiosity.

I believe we are all here to have our individual experience with our internal guidance system, there is no one size fits all. But we are also here together, to help, to inspire and grow from what we move through. What was my path will not necessarily be yours. But I do hope that you can take a pause right now; what is that still small voice trying to tell you? What do you need? What do you want? Follow that guidance and trust that the next step will always appear in the exact right time for you.


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