Ben Aresty: Transitions

By Raw Clarity Guest Blogger: Ben Aresty


I’ve been sitting with the idea of transitions for a while now. Bringing awareness to all different types of transitions. Transitions that most of us take for granted such as going from the bedroom to the bathroom. Or transitoning from one conversation to another, which in this day in age can happen mutlitiple times within the same conversation. Especially on social media. As a creative, I realize that transitions are happening all the time. Now that I have shown light on the theme of what I am writing about, my real question lies in:

  • What do we do in these moments of transition?

I have just moved from my home in Northern California, a place that I lived for over 3 years, to my new home in upstate NY. This has been quite the transition. So much of my experience in this home was rich and deep with meaning. I grieved the passing of my father in this home. I launched my first company in this home. I felt at home for the first time in my life, in this home. In the pursuit of following my heart, I knew this move to NY was right. The challenge was the transition. The space between one chapter in my life to another.

I notice that in my life so far I have had many pages turn. Closing one chapter and opening another. In my younger years they seemed easy, as if I wasn’t even aware of them. Now as I am entering the end of my 20’s, I have more awareness. My eating patterns changed, I bought a pack of smokes, my days felt heavy. Somatically I was weighed down by the choice my heart had guided me to make. Prior to this decision, I was practicing yoga almost daily with a consistent meditation practice as well as cooking all my own food and enjoying my connection to nature. Then I turned the page; it felt like a test. And I was failing. Life got heavier, the movers came and packed up all my things. I remember that day I was literally chain smoking cigarettes and barely eating. I didn’t even know where my next place was going to be. I still needed to book my flights to NY to check out spots to live. All of this felt so overwhelming. I was doing all of this on my own and self loathing through the entire process. UGH!

The one thing that stuck with me through this whole time was my awareness. It was as if I was going in and out of my body. Feeling my feelings and then observing my actions. Now looking back on it, it was beautiful. A teaching. As I am sitting in my new home, still settling in and reflecting on this experience I am grateful for my body and its incredible resilience. I am grateful for my spiritual practice and the meditative practice that helped to guide me through this transition.


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