Motherhood: How to deal with your frustration

IT’S NOT OK: It’s ok to feel frustration or irritation but it it’s not ok to put those emotions on our kids. The feelings belong to you – not them. If you continue, the cycle will never be broken – all that negative baggage will be handed down from generation to generation – over and over again. YOU CAN BE THE ONE TO STOP IT. Our children deserve better. Even if you are not a mother yet, you can begin to clean up your frustration and irritation. Both were rooted in your own childhood. Perhaps you were silenced, blamed, humiliated, not given enough love or something along those lines. You need to listen to your inner child, so that you can guide the next generation. This is important. You are important. Here are my my tips for healing.

In the moment action step: Take deep breaths and repeat the following until YOU have calmed dow: “This frustration is mine. My child is innocent. I allow myself to feel and release.” You may want to physically leave the room.

Long term action step: get a paper and pen. Allow YOUR LITTLE GIRL to express herself and write out all her frustrations, sadness and/anger. Give her space to tell her story. (Your little girl can be any age or many).

Do you have questions? Let’s take a load off the next generation ❤️ Mama (or mama-to-be), you got this.


Your Life Coach Filippa