Three Tips for Self-Love

Here is the deal. Everything you will ever need can only be found within yourself. So, this can also be applied to love. We search for love in many places like a partner, food, travels, clothing – yet, don’t feel completely fulfilled. That’s because the love you’re really looking for exists within you.

To love yourself, you have to remove the blocks standing in the way. You have to return to yourself. How ever far you choose to wander on the road to self-sabotage, it’s time to come back!

Here is how to get started…

1.) Notice when you’re inner critic is having a field day and sending out negative/mean thoughts about you or those around you. Just become aware of the things you say to yourself. And try to replace them with truthful loving thoughts instead.

2.) Be prepared for life by practicing daily self-care. Get dressed for success, keep your body clean, fix your hair – look presentable in your way – not according to society’s ideals.

3.) Meditation – give yourself 5 minutes per day for inner reflection, peace and emotional detox.