Healthy Miami Spots

Miami is my home town – spent most of my time growing up there. And I’m always finding an excuses to go back. So good thing my best friend is giving birth in March – yet another reason to book a ticket there.

Miami is often connected to ”partying, neon bikinis on the beach, and sun-burned tourists.” Let me show you the other side of this city. Here are my favorite spots to visit when in town…

JUICES: Jugo Fresh

BEST FOR LUNCH: Glaser Farms (only Saturdays), Ice Box, Wholefoods (grab & go)

BEST FOR DINNER: Lucali (pizza), Pub belly (sushi), Michael’s Genuine (mix), Mandolin (Greek), Kyo (fusion)

STROLLING: Wynwood area – stop by for coffee att panther and check out the Wyndwood Walls of graffiti art

POWERWALK: Over the Key Biscayne bridge – gorgeous view and good butt workout