Let it come up for healing

I accept everything that wants to come up for healing. 

Lately I have had a bit of resistant to feelings and sensations that want to come up the surface and I have tried to control them instead. Attempting to ignore them or pushing them away. Maybe you recognise this pattern in yourself? And during my morning meditation, the above affirmation just popped up in my mind. Don’t fight it any longer, just let it heal. Just accept things as they are, as they were.

All of my life I have used food to push these emotions away – that’s not an option for me today.

I want to allow myself more time just to sit with the pain, hurt and sadness and not cover it up with perfectionism. And not be afraid of my darkness. It is by examining our dark corners that we find the map towards the light. It’s been a long journey for me to get here, 35 years to be exact, but I am ready to let go of at least a big chunk. And be more open to releasing the past without guilt.

If you want to do your own work, just try to sit with your eyes closed and simply observe your breath. Just start here. You just need to observe yourself without judgement – that is all that is required of you. And try to do this when you’re mind is crazy bananas. Don’t let the ego mind take over with fear and worry. Love is our only reality. Fear is just an illusion.

Be the observer and not the judge. 

Love Filippa