Back & Ready to Rock

Ahh it feels really good to sit down and blog again. Been out of this world for almost two years since my time at Aftonbladet & Metro. I needed to go deeper into myself, ripe of another layer and meet my vulnerability. It was bitter sweet, but worth the work.

So here I am after a divorce, new marriage, leaving the old and entering the new. Well that’s what life is all about right? Choosing to re-create the latest version of ourself, each and very moment. Watching every situation in our life rise and pass; come and go. I was reminded these past months to be the observer and not react so much to life. Observation creates an effortless flow. It allows life to happen ”for you,” instead of ”to you.” As an observer there is more room for peace, happiness and love. When we are constantly reacting to the outside world, we loose our sense of calm, inner peace and presence.

There is lots to share. I have mostly been a student and now I’m ready to be of service, be a teacher and continue sharing my ongoing life lessons. My posts will be filled with self-love tips, tools for creating a full-filled life and ways to remove the fears that block you from being truly happy.

No one single person is your enemy. Your thoughts are the only enemy – they are the only thing that can stand in your way to achieving, creating and loving. 

I’m here to help, so please send my any questions that may be on your mind.

Love Filippa