DAY 9: You are the Source


Remember that you are love. That is the core energy of your existence. The soul is made of love. You don’t need to search for it in another human being. Love is complete, not partial. You are exactly what your seeking. You are love.

DAILY EXERCISE: Write down a list of ways that you seek love outside yourself – for example in a partner, food, shopping, drugs, cocktails, parent, etc.

Day 8: Meditation Sensation


Spend some time with YOU and get to know yourself a little better by just closing your eyes. This is a very loving act.

DAILY EXERCISE: Meditate for 5 minutes today by focusing your attention on your breath - in and out through your nose. This is called anapana meditation. It trains your mind to focus. It also allows your mind to be quiet and still, alert and aware of all within. Simply sit with yourself - that’s it.

Day 7: Stop the Blame Game


We love to point fingers and place responsibility for our own pain and inner suffering on other people in our life. We don’t know how to handle the feeling of worthlessness, fears and blocked energy within. SO we through it out in hopes of feeling temporarily better.

DAILY EXERCISE: Become conscious of who you give your negativity to and what you actually need to deal with instead.

Day 6: Full Acceptance


We are really good at finding faults, the negative and pointing out the body parts we want to change. We allow that little miss perfect voice to nag about the size of our stomach, the width of our thighs, the flab on our arms, the wrinkle on our face, the lifeless hair - do you need more examples? It’s actually pretty sad that we spend so much time on this instead of appreciating our gift.

DAILY EXERCISE: Acceptance is the first step. Sit down in meditation pose and hug yourself with your arms (like in he photo) with your eyes closed. Scan your body up and down worth your awareness, and as you pass each body part repeat the following in your mind: “I love and accept my ___________.” Fill in the blank with the specific body part.

Day 5: Crowding Out


Your body needs the right nutrients for optimal health. That’s the easy part to understand. Now it’s time to get to action and provide it with meals that are made with love. I want to help you make this fun too.

TODAY’S EXERCISE is all about a concept called “crowding out.” It’s all about ADDING IN FOODS that your intuition/body wants and letting foods that you don’t want get crowded out and very little space in your life. Add in the vibrant meals packed with vitamins and minerals, protein, good fats and carbs and you won’t want the sugar and junk.

Day 4: Listen to your Body


It makes no mistakes, and functions perfectly every single day. Your heart doesn’t skip a beat, your temperature is controlled, your elimination system is always working. Your entire bodily system is focused on homeostasis at all times - keeping everything in balance - even when you’re sleeping like a baby.

DAILY EXERCISE: Today, only eat if you’re hungry and end your meals when you feel full. Start noticing how your body communicates hunger and fullness. Don’t let your mind override orders from your body. Listen to your body’s guidance - let it direct your actions

Day 3: Universal Wisdom


The universe is constantly presenting you with opportunities to connect – it wants to guide you step by step back to love. It wants you to return to yourself.

DAILY EXERCISE: Notice the message trying to reach your consciousness – it’s usually a thought, word or situation that keeps repeating itself. What have you been missing that’s important for you to recognize?

Day 2: You are a Power Woman


Step out of victimhood and welcome your power woman. She wants space in your life… and lots of it. It’s time to move the pity party to another location and make way for the that strong, independent, fearless female that has been waiting for her invitation to fully entire your life again.

DAILY EXERCISE: Describe your inner power woman in three words. Write down the words on a piece of paper and stick it on your bathroom mirror. Remind yourself that it’s ok to let her shine.

Day 1: Dress for success baby

Self-Love Rituals Series


Pick an outfit that makes you feel vibrant and lifts your energy. If there are pieces of clothing that drain you – time to clean out your closet and throw them out. You know exactly what I’m talking about… that sweater in the back that hasn’t been worn in over three years or the underwear with the big whole.

DAILY EXERCISE: Treat your body like a temple today and get dressed with respect. Put on clothing that lifts your energy and brings out your power woman.

Self-Love Ritual Series

SELF-LOVE RITUAL SERIES 🧘🏽‍♀️📿 starts tomorrow...

Are you ready to love yourself a little bit more? And quiet down the negative voice in your head? Stop doubting your body and ability - trust me, you’re worth the effort.

Join me for 12 days of self connection, love and acceptance here on the blog and on my Instagram @rawclarityfilippa. The best way to help the world, is to start with ourself.

TRY THIS NOW: Check in! On a scale of 1-10, how much self love are you experiencing at this very moment?